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Which places do you often visit in Tbilisi in summer? What do you like or dislike there?

Friday, August 30
"I visit the cinema-at least once a week but often more. The only thing I don't like is having to wear 3-D glasses. I just hate them."
Anna, lawyer, 23

"Well, I am always in search of new activities. I often try "to discover" some new interesting places in Georgia. There are lots of cafes and museums. However, I prefer being in nature…one think that makes me very irritated is trash. I hate it when people leave trash in nature, for example after a supra. I wish more people would think about this issue."
Temo, physicist, 29

"My favorite places in Tbilisi, especially in summer, are Rike and the botanic garden. I like spending time there with my friends."
Nana, student, 22

"I like many places in Tbilisi and other parts of Georgia. I especially enjoy getting out of the city on the weekends. Having a good time requires a car and a good income which unfortunately I lack."

"I visit cultural institutions in every season."
Ana, lecturer, 26

“I go to swimming pools and Mtatsminda Park in the summer. I like both-the park is clean and the air is fresh. The pools are also clean but a bit overcrowded."
Salome, service manager, 27

"I usually go to Lisi or Turtle lakes. I like the area around there but the water is not clean enough to swim in."
Nika, economic analyst, 31