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What do you know and think about Eurasian Union? What attitude should Georgia have towards the Union?

Tuesday, September 10
“I always welcome the unions based on the European values; this is why I think Georgia has already chosen its Euro-Atlantic aspirations. This is also why I do not see any necessity for its joining or even considering joining any unions managed by Russia. Even though Russia is our neighbor (and nothing can be done about it) I think wherever you cannot make friends with someone (and the same can be said about the countries) you should just leave the playground.”
Tamara, Economist, 25

“Georgia has left CIS and chosen a new path for development. So, why should it start everything from the very beginning? I am not even sure whether Russia knows what it wants from those countries considered under the umbrella of the Eurasian union it creates.”
Marekh, MA Student, 24

“Let us see what this union will be like and then we can decide whether to join it or not. But to be fair, I am skeptical towards any union or organization headed by Russia.”
Mariam, Housewife, 29

“NATO and the EU will destroy Georgia. There are people here, who think that NATO is survival, they are wrong. Only Russia can save Georgia from American slavery…if Georgia will continue its path to Europe and America, we will be definitely slaves. We have never been Russian slaves. If there were not Russia, Georgia would not exist…”
Tamaz, Driver, 41

“Georgia does not need Eurasian Union. We have already expressed our attitude towards NATO and EU. There is no necessity of the Eurasian Union for Georgia, it is unacceptable.”
Tamar, producer, 39

“Well, I think that everything depends on the political situation. At the present moment I cannot see room for Georgia in the Eurasian Union and I believe that participation in the organization will bring negatives for Georgia. If Russia will be transformed into different type of country and if the organization is profitable for us in the future, let’s see… such decisions require time and observation.
Gvantsa, Language Specialist, 26