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What are your post-election expectations?

Monday, September 16
“First of all I think that the political situation and configuration will be changed after the presidential elections. State governmental branches and sharing power will be more real and this will create the establishment of real politics in our country. The constitution will be optimally fitted on Georgian constitutional experience and traditions.”
George, law student, 21

“I am waiting for the political situation to be put in order and job creation from the government’s side without shifting some blame on others …”
Levan, tourist agent, 23

“It depends on who is elected as the new president of Georgia. I am supporting Nino Burjanadze. In the case that Giorgi Margvealshvili wins the elections there will be members of the United National Movement back in government.”
Goga, engineer, 42

“First of all I am expecting to have a new president.”
Tsotne, Musician, 27

“I think it would put an end to the dual governance. I mean the former government will no longer have the opportunity to interfere in state affairs. However if PM Ivanishvili leaves office, the country will face chaos, as his team may find it difficult to deal with the problems in the country without Ivanishvili’s support.”
Shalva, Producer, 31

“I hope the new president will not be like the former ones and will keep his/her word.”
Sandro, programmer 26