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Analysts receive responses and criticism

By Gvantsa Gabekhadze
Friday, September 27
Georgian Prime Minister Bidzina Ivanishvili met with various analysts on September 25th at his business centre in Tbilisi. During the meeting, Ivanishvili criticized experts, suggesting that their analysis is often unfounded.

Ivanishvili described the situation on the de-facto South Ossetian border as "peaceful". The prime minister stated that relations between Georgia and Russia will remain unclear until after the Winter Olympic Games in Sochi are concluded. The prime minister added that the international community would not sacrifice its relations with Russia for Georgia. He stated that Georgia should improve its foreign relations with Russia.

Ivanishvili stated that he has already decided who will be the future prime minister. However, he said that time is still left and he might reconsider his decision. Ivanishvili reiterated that he does not intend to leave the political arena until after the presidential election, stressing that there are two cabinet ministers who he might replace. However, Ivanishvili says that if the ministers in question are able to successfully deal with the challenges they currently face, they will keep their ministerial posts.

Ivanishvili described the economic situation as stable and stressed that government interference in business is one of his administration's key viewpoints. Ivanishvili stressed that the government has financed more than 200 enterprises instead of the promised 100.

The government will sign a moratorium on the ban of selling Georgian land to foreign citizens. Ivanishvili stated that moratoriums and economic restrictions disturb the country's development.

Analyst Mamuka Areshidze said the meeting with Ivanishvili was interesting and profitable.

Ivanishvili responded to Kakha Kakhishvili’s statement concerning justice. Kakhishvili claimed that the main failure of the current government is related to justice and the lack of punishment for those officials who committed crimes.

Ivanishvili stressed that the public wants both a restoration of justice and normal relations with the rest of the world. The prime minister stated that criminal cases are being investigated; however, the Prosecutor’s Office lacks staff which means the investigation process takes longer. Ivanishvili stressed that the government does not have the resources to investigate all claims of malfeasance.

The opposition criticized the prime minister for the format and tone of the meeting.

Analyst Soso Tsintsadze, who was invited and could not attend the meeting, stated that the meeting highlighted the unprofessionalism of many experts and added that the prime minister gave them a "master class".