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IWA Georgia announces the 2013 edition of Tbileasy, the IWA Guidebook to Living in Tbilisi

Friday, September 27
The International Women’s Association Georgia (IWA) presented the publication of the 2013 Tbileasy Guidebook at Betsy’s Hotel on September 25th. The 2013 Tbileasy Guidebook was designed by Alexandra Schneider and the content in a collaborative effort.

This edition’s contributors are Bridie Brennan, Marielle Carmagnolle, Gokcen Coskun, Marta Ferrer Lubeck, Kim Gardner, Medea Gvaberidze, Mary E. Hajny, Barbara Homola-Weber, Katy Jacobi, Mieke Langenberg, Shorena Khubutia, Irene Makhatadze, Plamena Nikolova, Marika Nizharadze, Carolyn Rice, Alexandra Schneider, and Nana Shavtvaladze.

The purpose of the guidebook is to provide members of the expatriate community with reliable, updated sources of information about living in Tbilisi. The guidebook contains chapters on a variety of subjects including health, banking, driving, transportation, shopping, restaurants, sports, culture and sightseeing. In addition, the guidebook includes a section of useful Georgian phrases. The guidebook is published in English.

“I am very excited about Tbileasy 2013,” said Ms. Marta Ferrer Lubeck, IWA President. “The Tbileasy Guidebook Committee has worked very hard to update all information, taking into consideration how many changes Tbilisi has undergone in recent years. Also, with the help of 45 sponsors, we have been able to publish a fully colored book. This year, we also had a professional designer in our team, Alexandra Schneider.” Lubeck said.

The International Women’s Association Georgia is a non-profit, non-government organization and part of the International Women’s Association worldwide network. The organization strives to enhance its members’ understanding of Georgia, and Tbileasy moves them one step closer to reaching that goal. The 2013 edition marks the 17th anniversary of IWA Georgia.