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Labor Code Seminar

Friday, October 11
ICC Georgia members met at the offices of JTI on September 27th to hear a presentation by Archil Giorgadze, National Partner with Dechert LLC, on the new Labor Code.

The presentation focused on key aspects of the new Labor Code which are of particular importance to companies and HR managers, such as the main contents of employment

contracts, hiring and terminating employees, documentation of employee misconduct and payment for overtime hours. The interactive seminar prompted a good discussion

from the audience on what employers can do to protect themselves against future litigation when dismissing employees. For example, the notice periods provided for in the new Labor Code must be strictly adhered to, any employee misconduct prior to termination must be clearly documented by the employer, and reasons for termination should be provided to employees in writing. Payment of overtime by companies to managers and senior-level staff who receive comparatively high salaries remains an issue for many companies and may warrant further regulatory guidance on the part of the government. (ICC Georgia)