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Can fuel become cheaper?

Wednesday, October 23
The price for fuel is a serious problem for the owners of transport vehicles in Georgia. The drivers complain about the high price on fuel. Some speculations appeared in the Georgian media on the possible scenario about keeping the prices of fuel down. This is connected with the idea of importing the fuel to Georgia from Turkmenistan. This will concern the regular type of petrol and diesel. This will eventually result in putting the pressure on the fuel imported from the other countries. So far, most of the fuel comes to Georgia from Azerbaijan, and a certain amount from Romania. Experts say, the fuel price compared to 2012 has decreased by around 20 tetris per liter. The SOCAR oil Company temporarily reduced the price of diesel in Georgia during the harvest season. Some NGOs suggest that the price of Azerbaijani imported fuel will be decreased even more although in reality this will be difficult if not impossible at all. (The Messenger)