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Board of the Union of Friends of Armed Forces selected

Friday, November 29
The board of the Union of Friends of the Georgian Armed Forces has been selected at the Defense Ministry. With their signatures, board members expressed their readiness to support strengthening the relationship between the Georgian armed forces and civil society. Minister of Defense Irakli Alasania hosted members of the union at the Defense Ministry. "I would like to thank each member of the Union of Friends of the Georgian Armed Forces and especially Mr. Kakhi Kavsadze for their willingness to become friends of the Georgian Army. We have planned many projects together aimed at promoting the Georgian armed forces. Unity of the army and society is a major goal of the organization. We have implemented several educational projects. Several well-known public figures are giving lectures at the National Defense Academy. We show films to army units with the support of the Cinema Academy. It is very important for members of our armed forces to be exposed to modern art. We have planned many events for the coming year. Our main challenge is to show to members of our armed forces and their families that we care about them and are proud of them." Alasania said.

Kakhi Kavsadze has been elected as the chairman of the board of the Union of Friends of the Georgian Armed Forces. He talked about the responsibility and the importance of taking care of military servicemen: "It is a great honor for me. I don't know how I will deal with my new assignment but I know for sure that I will make our soldiers feel that the public knows about them and their needs. We are the people who will inform the public about our servicemen's activities. Most important of all, we are closely watching how our soldiers live, how they are trained and how they are getting ready to defend our motherland." Kavsade said. Several projects have already been implemented as part of the initiative. Public lectures are being held for military servicemen at the Defense Academy and the Cadets' Lyceum, as well as in various army units. Members of the Union of Friends of the Georgian Armed Forces will share their experience and talk about various interesting topics. Other cultural, educational and sports events will also be held as part of the project. Work created by students of the Georgian Academy of Art is currently on exhibit at the Defense Ministry. Students painted logos for a contest that began in October.