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Lari fluctuates

By Messenger Staff
Tuesday, December 31
Some time ago the Georgian local currency Lari fell against the USD. This created much speculation among the population. Economists started exploring the reasons. Several reasons have been identified. First of all, it is increase of export. In 2013, Georgia received around $2.3 billion USD for its export.

The second reason could be decrease of import, the third a slight improvement in the volume of foreign investment, the fourth growth of foreign loan, the fifth increase of money transfers into the country from abroad, the sixth increase of volumes of deposits in the country in local and foreign currencies.

There were also certain negative facts which might influence the stability of the Georgian currency. Meanwhile, the economists warn the state financial organizations to take some internationally approved measures to stabilize the economical policy of the country.

There is one danger however that the commercial banks as well as the National Bank of Georgia should not start making money on the Lari rate fluctuation.