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Completed Construction Work at Fifth Infantry Brigade

Thursday, January 16
Construction work in the Fifth Infantry Brigade of GAF, stipulated under 2013 infrastructural plan, are complete. Defence Minister of Georgia Irakli Alasania and Chief of General Staff of GAF, Major-General Vakhtang Kapanadze visited the brigade to see accomplished works. At first, they viewed the drill ground. The firing command center equipped with showers and classrooms were constructed and rehabilitated on the ground. At the first stage of infrastructural project, a mess hall equipped with modern appliances was constructed. Communication works, including central heating, water supply and sewerage were completed at the territory of the 51st Battalion of the V Infantry Brigade. Currently, their well organizing works are going on. One mess hall on the area of the V Infantry Brigade Staff was rehabilitated as well. Construction of check-point was also completed. “In 2013 we launched infrastructural projects which give each soldier, officer and sergeant possibility to serve the country in appropriate circumstances. We will continue constructing infrastructure – this is our main priority this year as well. I am sure that in worthy conditions Georgian army will do its best to defend our homeland on the highest level” – outlined Defence Minister. Vigorous construction and rehabilitation activities of army facilities are underway throughout the Georgian territory. First stage of the infrastructural project has already been completed. Works are carried out by the winner companies of the MoD open tenders.