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Theatre statistics for 2013

Translated by Ekaterine Tchelidze
Friday, January 17
This is the second year in a row the research center of the modern Georgian theater annually creates statistics on Georgian theaters. The research is based on the number of visitors. However, the records do not represent the artistic quality of certain theaters. However, it does outline theaters’ productivity and their activity. This year, 37 theaters were included in the research. Among them 13 are located in the capital, 18 in the regions and 6 are independent theaters.

According to the statistical data 434, 904 people attended various theaters in Georgia; 304, 040 out of them visited Tbilisi theaters, while 130, 764 regional ones.

In 2013 there were 160 plays staged in 37 theaters; out of them 74 were performed in the capital; 74 in the regions and 12 in various independent theaters. The following list represents theaters with the greatest number of premiers recorded: Theater for Young Spectators, Marjanishvili Theater, Tumanishvili Theater and Theater of Music and Drama.

In the region, theaters in Telavi and Mesheti shared the same number of premiers (7), positioning them both in first place. Theaters in Kutaisi, Poti and Rustavi premiered 5 plays in total.

It is interesting to note that among the 160 staged plays, 48 belonged to modern Georgian authors, 91 to international authors and the same number (91) were from classic drama; among them were 20 Georgian and 71 foreign plays. This year, various theaters in Georgia staged 4 times as many plays by Dato Turashvili than in the previous year.

2013 was also relatively successful for actors in terms of international tours. Nineteen theaters out of 37 performed in 22 countries and 42 cities abroad. Interestingly, Georgian theaters visited Turkey, Great Britain and Scotland the most. Among them there were 11 theaters from the capital, 5 independent and 2 regional. Tbilisi Music and Drama Theater performed in 7 countries and became the leader among other theaters based on the number of tours.

Among 6 private independent theaters 5 went on tours abroad and Liberty Theater is in first place by the number of visited countries.

When it comes to tours within Georgia, 26 theaters out of 37 performed 104 plays in various regions of the country. They visited Tbilisi, Kutaisi, Telavi and Batumi more frequently.

Last year there were total of 3, 530 performances, among which 2, 297 were staged in the capital and 1, 243 in regional theaters.

According to the statistics, the most productive directors were Giorgi Shalutashvili, Davit Machonashvili and Paata Tsikolaya.

Source: Georgian Theater/written by Lasha Chhartishvili

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