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Famous Georgian composer with jazz interpretation

By Salome Modebadze
Friday, January 17
New interpretations of much beloved Georgian composer Gia Kancheliís music were presented to the audience of Tbilisi State Concert Hall on January 15.

With their unique interpretation of Kancheliís compositions, a Lithuanian Xylem Trio, jazz musicians from Latvia, vocalist from the US Alessandra Filomena, and a Georgian jazz musician made the audience feel Kancheliís music afresh.

The project was organized by the Autograph Foundation and the Badagoni Wine Company with the support of the Tbilisi Mayorís Office.

Kancheliís music was the first project of the Autograph Foundation. Its founder Giga Kobaladze said this concert is a result of collaboration between Georgian and foreign musicians, which will become a nice experiment.

The idea was born when the Xylen Trio created a few jazz standards on Kancheliís pieces a few years ago. And as Kobaladze said, yesterday the Georgian audience became part of the ďsmall magicĒ expressed through other interpretation of Kancheliís music.