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Anniversary of the Sachkhere Mountain Training School

Thursday, February 20
Sachkhere Mountain Training School celebrated its 8th anniversary. The solemn ceremony was held at the base of the school. Deputy Chief of General Staff of the GAF, Colonels Roman Jokhadze and Giorgi Kbiltsetskhlashvili, as well as NATO Military Liaison Officer, Colonel Maximilian Eder and Defence attaches accredited to Georgia, congratulated the personnel on the anniversary. The Intermediate Mountain Training Winter Course (IMTWC) was officially completed at Sachkhere Mountain Training School. The IMTWC was conducted within the NATO Partnership for Peace Program (PfP). Seven military servicemen from NATO member and partner countries including the military from Estonia, Armenia and Jordan, as well as five other would be instructors of Sachkhere Mountain Training School underwent the IMTWC. The training course was planned in two stages. At first, the military were trained in shooting at the Abuli firing-ground across a mountainous terrain. During the next stage the soldiers underwent special training in Gudauri. They were trained in search and rescue operations, as well as technical skiing. Within the scope of the course, they mastered the skills of crossing the obstacle line on skis and making a snow shelter “Igloo”. At the end of the ceremony, Georgian and the foreign military members that participated in the course were awarded with certificates and badges.