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Cartu Foundation to provide grants to ministries to fund education, art and sporting representatives

Thursday, February 20
The Cartu Foundation will fund representatives of education, art and sport through ministries, Nino Kiknadze, lawyer of the foundation said. According to her, the foundation will provide grants to the ministries for the above-mentioned purpose.

“There are some changes in our foundation with regard to funding,” she said, explaining that it has been decided that the ministries will be given grants and all who had been receiving assistance from the foundation will receive funding from ministries. “So, the foundation will continue the funding program,” the lawyer stressed.

According to her, the ministries need time to pass through the necessary legal procedures. They will be able to issue funds by the end of February.

“Everybody will receive assistance for both January and February. So, nobody should worry about it,” Kiknadze said. (InterPressNews)