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Tourism developing in Georgia

By Messenger Staff
Tuesday, Febraury 25
According to the Georgian National Tourism Administration, tourism share in Georgia’s GDP was 6.7% in 2013. The same agency informs that 5 million visitors have entered Georgia in 2013. Mostly they were from Armenia, Turkey, Azerbaijan, and Russia.

Tourism has been named as one of the primary branches of the economy by the former United National Movement administration. Current Georgian Dream government also considers tourism as a priority for economic development.

However, experts in economy think that the country needs a clear strategy because a lack of strategy hinders the industry from development.

A new strategy should be elaborated that will reflect economic, environmental, social or other aspects of the tourism industry in the country.

Some analysts suggest that tourism should develop in Georgia in a direction that will be beneficial for the country, and targeted at attractions based on a well-organized system implemented and promoted by the state.