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Little dancers of the big stage

By Mariam Mchedlidze
Tuesday, February 25
It has been 17 years since Maka Makharadze’s ballet studio has been making many of the little dreamers’ wishes come true. These young ballet-lovers have become passionate dancers of modern and classical ballet.

The teacher’s main goal is not just to make her students learn how to do a batman frappe or a pirouette. They help the little girls become familiarized with art and especially classical music at their lessons after the ballet classes.

Before opening her ballet studio, Makharadze was one of the most successful ballet dancers in Georgia. The decision to open her own ballet studio is connected to her idea of not only raising professional dancers, but tasteful art-lovers. The desire to do her bit in heightening Georgia’s level of culture was expressed by her hard work to help her students’ progress.

Makharadze’s latest work in the ballet studio was recently introduced at Marjanishvili Theatre. It is entitled The Magic Ball where Mariam Aleksidze, a talented young choreographer made the most unimaginable things become a reality for the ballerinas.

The music of George Bizet, Gabriel Faure, Maurice Ravel, Claude Debussy, Darius Milhaud and Eric Satie are featured in the performance. Despite such classical pieces of great composers’ work, the main attention is drawn to the children who secretly lead into the studio and become a part of the biggest surprise - lots of beautiful and interesting toys.

Suddenly, in front of them appears the character of their favorite writer – Charles Perrault – and makes them sleep and travel in the amazing dream-world of any child. It turns out that each toy wakes up at night for a ball in the studio. For one night, the ballerinas also become princesses, kites, fortune-tellers, candies and even humming-tops.

A sense of harmony is created by the diversity of several different characteristic dances, which is tastefully combined with music and extraordinary costumes designed by Anka Kalatozishvili.

The performances of Makharadze’s ballet studio always bring pleasure to people of any age, as it is replete of lots of important and unusual details noticeable to attentive watchers.

The amazing night full of colorful dreams will repeat in June at Marjanishvili Theatre.
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