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Russian Duma’s decision threatens world peace

By Messenger Staff
Monday, March 10
The Duma, which is the Russian Federation’s house of parliament, will soon be considering the adoption of legislation on the territorial expansion of the country.

Some years ago Russia adopted another law protecting Russian citizens by any means necessary - including military - around the world.

Now when this law on Russia’s territorial claims will be adopted, theoretically any small settlement inhabited by Russians could express its wish to join the Russian Federation and, accordingly, the Russian Federation could integrate that part of the world under its state legislation.

This could be applied to the Georgian breakaway territories of Abkhazia and South Ossetia as well as to the Transdnestria territory of Moldova. However, closer step for Russia’s unquenchable imperialistic appetite will be Crimea, where a referendum scheduled on March 16 will undoubtedly be supported by its Russian population who will ask Russia to annex Crimea.

Eventually, it could be followed by Ukraine’s other regions and as the Russian President Vladimir Putin has stated, the Russian government cannot ignore the appeal of Crimea’s Russian population to join its homeland.

Therefore, the Russian federation is ready to unleash bloodshed for the protection of Russian populations living in various places around the world.

Eventually, Georgia can face further separation of its breakaway territories and have them taken over by Moscow. People living in these territories have Russian passports and therefore can be considered Russian citizens. Moscow can thus always manipulate with the referendums there. Although Georgia and Ukraine as well as the world community, will not recognize these referendums as legitimate, Russia will do whatever it likes.

Such an arrogant decision will undermine world peace and will turn everything upside down. Instead of creating a peaceful, harmonious world order, Russia wants to implement a jungle rule of wild relations.

With such steps to justify its military aggression, Russia is able to suppress any country’s strive to integrate with the Euro-Atlantic dreams and aspirations. With territorial disputes in their territories, neither Ukraine nor Georgia or Moldova will be able to join NATO or sign the association membership agreement with the European Union.

In this situation, Georgia needs to maintain the mode of strategic tolerance not to get trapped into the Russian provocations.

The current situation is often compared with August 2008 when Georgia was attacked by Russia. However, today the stakes are much bigger. Ukraine is the largest country in Europe with around 50 million people.

Many compare Russian claims with those of Germany’s Adolf Hitler against Austria and later Czechoslovakia.

The world should do something more substantial then just express its concern. Meanwhile, some European leaders carry out a double standard policy with Russia. The French, for instance, did not cancel the order on constructing a Mistral assault warship for Russia.