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Operation "Griffon III"

Thursday, March 13
Soldiers of the 31st battalion conducted a clearing operation dubbed "Griffon III" in the village of North Muhamabad in Helmand Province, Afghanistan. The goal of the operation was to suppress an organized attack from the adversary.

"Alfa" company of the 31st battalion isolated the village with the support of the U.S. military in order to prevent the enemy from leaving the village, and carrying the lethal materials with them. After isolating the village, the Georgian soldiers held "Shura" with the local population and discussed the existing problems, security issues and future cooperation. "Alfa" company provided the first medical aid to the villagers and gave them presents.

"Griffin III" lasted for 12 hours. The operation with participation of 130 Georgian and 14 U.S. soldiers was commanded by Captain Zaza Gorgodze. 24 MRAPs were also involved in the operation with the air support of "Osprey" and two "Chinooks". It was supervised by LTC Giorgi Meshveliani and Commander of the tactical grouping Col Peter Baumgarten.

After the successful operation "Griffon III" soldiers returned to camp "Leatherneck".

"Griffon III" is part of a series of operations aimed at fully controlling the area of operations. The preparation, planning and implementation of the operation received high evaluation from the US side.