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Separatism – a danger to society

By Messenger Staff
Thursday, March 27
The recent developments in Ukraine, Russia’s aggressive annexation of Crimea, and other developments have considerably changed Georgia’s chances and hopes for integration into the European and North Atlantic alliances.

During the unrest in Kiev’s Maidan, many were saying that Georgia’s fate has also been decided there together with Ukraine’s fate. And indeed, the victory of the Ukrainian people at Maidan, the fleeing of the Ukrainian President Victor Yanukovich form the country, have been followed by the outrageous conduct of the Russian empire and its President, Vladimir Putin.

Moscow used the momentum and took control of the Crimean peninsula and conducted actions that contradict international law, violating multiple agreements and commitments it has signed. At the end of the day, Russia quickly integrated Crimea into the Russian Federation.

The world was shocked. Nobody would have dreamt that at the beginning of the 21st century, that a country, which claimed to be civilized and which has taken steps in this direction, all of a sudden would conduct itself in the most outrageous imperialistic manner.

Georgian analysts however, have predicted Russia’s aggressive nature as far back as 2008. Georgia was sending SOS signals to the world, warning it about the possible consequences of Russia’s conduct.

Georgians were also sending similar warning signals to the world when certain shortsighted politicians supported the separation of Kosovo from Serbia at the end of the 20th century.

Either way, it created an ugly precedent, and today Russia is doing the same, justifying its conduct by Cosovo case.

Unfortunately, the world community has met Russia’s aggression against Georgia tolerantly. Although some steps have been taken, Russia was not forced to de-occupy Georgian territories. This increased the Russian appetite and now it is ready to grab other pieces of the cake as well.

Eventually such policy will backfire for Russia, which has more than 30 national entities in the Russian Federation. These entities will start the moving towards separating from Russia and this will create extra problems not only for Russia, but for the rest of the world.

It might also encourage separatist moves around the world including Europe with the Basques, Catalan, Scottish, Flemish, Irish and other nationals.

This will be dangerous for the world order and could hinder economic development, cooperation and prosperity.

In the modern world, which tends to unite efforts for the welfare of the population, the tendency of separatism should be stopped and the forces, which encourage it should be suppressed.