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PM grants flats to injured soldiers

Thursday, May 22
10 soldiers wounded in action during the fight for the territorial integrity of Georgia and in international missions have been granted temporary apartments due to service needs. Prime Minister of Georgia Irakli Gharibashvili visited the Gori-based military settlement to hand over the flats to the military.

Head of the Georgian government together with the Minister of Defence Irakli Alasania and Chief of General Staff of GAF Vakhtang Kapanadze viewed three completed block of flats in the military settlement and personally handed the keys of adapted flats to their families.

“A profession of soldier is honorable and at the same time full of risks which requires a great devotion, self-sacrifice and loyalty to the motherland. They are serving and defending the country at the cost of their own lives. I know we have a lot of heroes, those who died heroically in the fight for the freedom of Georgia. Our troops have participated in battles for the unity of the country and in international operations. Georgian troop`s contribution to global security is immense and needs to be underlined. I used to say and will always repeat that the image of the country is defined as how the state takes care of its wounded heroes, veterans, etc. What we are doing now is our primary obligation and will continue in the same way. I would like to tell our servicemen to have our hope because we have their hope," –said PM Irakli Gharibashvili.

“The Georgian Government and Ministry of Defence keeps fulfilling obligations undertaken before their soldiers. The military servicemen have been granted 87 flats and 15 of them have been adapted for the injured servicemen. They are the service flats. The wounded soldiers have been already donated flats in Tbilisi. Though, they continue working in Gori National Defence Academy and need adapted flats. We will go on with fulfilling commitments taken before our military. Another block of flats is planned to be built in Tbilisi. We also think to establish Housing Fund in the west of Georgia. Our main task is to create proper working and living conditions for our soldiers and their families. It is a main task of both the government and Ministry of Defence”, said Minister Irakli Alasania.

10 soldiers have already been granted apartments at Varketili military settlement, in Tbilisi. Given that they are currently working in the NDA they were given temporary flats due to the service needs.

The construction of 3 blocks has already been completed. 15 out of 87 were adapted especially for the severely injured (amputated) servicemen. They are fully furnished and equipped with household appliances and furniture.

Construction of the military settlement in Gori started in February, 2007. The construction work was terminated during the Russia-Georgian War of August of 2008. The construction resumed in September 2013. The flats, due to service needs, will be granted to the personnel of the Fifth Infantry Brigade and the National Defence Academy.

Ministry of Defence of Georgia takes care of the injured military under the support of the government which also covers their employment. The wounded soldiers still return to the armed forces to continue service using a gained experience.