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One party landscape

By Messenger Staff
Wednesday, July 16
The local-elections are over in Georgia and almost everybody, inside and outside the country, agree that the elections were held fairly. However, Georgia now has a one party system. One dominant political party is not new in Georgia. The Georgian Dream coalition won in all the regions. The opposition is criticizing the government owing to the outcome. The recently held elections were quite dissimilar compared to previous elections due to the necessity of the runoff. However, the United National Movement points to election violations, but there is no evidence proving these allegations.

Analysts admit that the one party landscape created now can lead to a totalitarian system. The example of the previous government is quite vivid in this regard. Some analysts also suggest that the statements made by high-ranking officials on ending the cohabitation are quite dangerous.

Cohabitation should mean cooperation with the opposition. However, the term was more taken negatively in Georgia. Some analysts believe that the coalition should be very cautious not to violate democratic principles. Their major shortcoming in the elections was the very low voter turnout. Nearly 70% of voters stayed home. The Georgian Dream should prove that they are constructive, positive and creative. It should confirm to indifferent voters that they are worth voting for. Thus, a one party system is positive on the one hand-as there is no one who will hinder you, but on the other hand, there are serious challenges, as all the responsibility is put in one party’s hand.