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Saakashvili’s guards summoned for questioning

By Tatia Megeneishvili
Wednesday, July 16
The guards of former President of Georgia Mikheil Saakashvili and his wife Sandra Roelofs were summoned for questioning by the Prosecutor’s Office on July 14.

According to one of the guards Temur Janashia, investigators had questions about the activities of the Special Guard Security Service and its funds.

“Questions have been asked mainly about finances, it’s all I can say for now,” Janashia said.

Saakashvili has responded to the developments. He also informed that his wife was also summoned for interrogation.

“As far as I am concerned, the former chief of my security team, who is now my acting assistant, was stopped near the border of Georgia; as I have been informed, they refused to allow him to cross the border. He was coming to help me in my affairs. Earlier, they arrested my former team members too. They hampered them from seeing me here,” Saakashvili stated, stressing that all the members of his team and guard are patriots. Saakashvili admitted that the above mentioned people served the county under Shevardnadze’s time as well.

The United National Movement’s (UNM) supporters were gathered outside the building during the questioning. They assessed the situation as a political pursuit.

“They even summoned Saakashvili’s family maid. Their main goal is to destroy the UNM and detain certain political leaders. They want all their political opponents to be imprisoned,” Vakhtang Balavadze, member of the UNM said.

“They want to destroy every single person who is standing by Saakashvili,” Irakli Nadiradze Former deputy head of the president’s administration said.

Lawyer Gogita Gabaidze and all the people summoned for questioning refrained from delivering any additional information as the issue was confidential.

The Prosecutor’s Office has not yet made a comment over the issue.