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E.U. embassy hosts the business executives for the National Security (BENS) and the United States European Command in Georgia

Friday, July 18
In the continuing efforts to promote business opportunities and expand the United-States trade and economic relationship, the United States Embassy in Tbilisi hosted a delegation of business executives from the business executives for the National Security (BENS) and United States European Command in Georgia on July 15-19. Founded in 1982, BENS is a U.S. based, private sector organization comprised of American business leaders who voluntarily contribute their special experience and talents to recommend creativity, business-minded approaches with government partners in national security issues.

As Georgians aims to be key logistical hub along the trade routs linking Asia and Europe, the BENS visit will provide insights to Georgiaís public and private sector on opportunities for expanded economic development within the Caucasus Transit Corridor from Baku to Poti. During the visit to Georgia, the BENS group will seek to identify opportunities to expand trade and business relationships between the United States and Georgia.

The visitsí schedule will include a visit to Poti Port, a tour of the Customís Clearance Zone in Tbilisi and meetings with various Georgian ministers, the American Chamber of Commerce to Georgia and private businesses. The group of eight delegates, business executives representing a diverse cross-section of industry experience and investment expertise, will also participate in site visits and private company presentations in a wide variety of sections including energy, agriculture, wine, trade, tourism, real estate, transportation and logistics, and finance.