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A charity concert

By Messenger Staff
Friday, July 18
A charity concert, with the participation of Georgian opera singers performing in Georgia and abroad, took place on July 16 at the exhibition hall of the Georgian Parliament’s National Library. The concert was aimed at saving the life of a talented student of the Tbilisi Conservatoire, Nino Chikovani, who is suffering from a heavy brain disease. The concert was free of charge and anyone could have assisted Nino through the financial resources they had. The student of the conservatoire, Nino Samniashvili, organized the event. One of the participants of the concert, opera singer Beka Goginashvili, came from Italy. He told The Messenger that taking part in such events is essential. “We should use our talent, our abilities to stand by such people who are in trouble. I have no fear now if one day I am ill, I am sure that all the people who are here and who are not here now would stand by me and give their best to help me.”