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Anaklia Port-project of the future

By Messenger Staff
Friday, August 1
According to the Georgian government, the reconstruction of Anaklia port will start in around a year. Certain steps should be taken to carry out a feasibility study of the project and accumulate financial resources. Anaklia will potentially become the largest deep-water port for Georgia. The country’s government is determined to involve only private companies in the project. The project covers several phases. The first phase entails three years and it should double Georgia’s transportation potential.

Currently, Georgia transports approximately 400,000 containers annually, after the first phase it will be able to transport an additional 500,000 containers. In the next 20 years, Georgia should be able to transport more than 40 million in cargo. PM Irakli Gharibashvili stated that Romania is interested in the project as Anaklia port should be connected with Romania’s port. This route will be the fastest way for connecting Asia and Europe. Through this route a container from China will lead to a European country in around 17 days. The project of Anaklia port is open for the interested sides until October 1, 2014.