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Head of the National Tourism Administration fired

By Tatia Megeneishvili
Friday, August 1
Head of the National Tourism Administration of Georgia Giorgi Sigua has been dismissed.

The main reason why Sigua was fired was his statement made with regard to the Kazantip Festival that will take place in Anaklia. During one of the meetings with the population regarding the issue, where people were expressing their negative attitude towards the festival, Sigua addressed one of the attendees by asking whether she had a sex on seashore or not. Later, Sigua apologized for the wording.

According to the statement released by the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development of Georgia, the ministry made a decision to dismiss Sigua from his position for his behavior. However, Sigua stated that he had no information about the dismissal on July 30.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Economy spread a statement that said Sigua had been notified in writing about his dismissal. Wed like to explain that the information released by Sigua claiming that he had not been informed of his dismissal from his position is not true, reads the statement.

Later, while speaking on the talk show Tskhriani, Sigua said that he received notification on his dismissal at the final moment. Sigua admits that he had received various verbal remarks from the Minister of Economy quite frequently, as he is a different person from me, we have different characteristics, Sigua said.

The Kazantip President Nikita Marshunok stated that Sigua is one of the most talented and ambition politicians he has ever met.