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Azerbaijan delays Euro standards 4 for Georgia

By Tatia Megeneishvili
Tuesday, August 5
According to Georgia’s Ambassador to Azerbaijan Teimuraz Sharashenidze, Azerbaijan has made certain concessions in terms of Georgian cars.

In April, Azerbaijan adopted the Euro 4 standard that prohibits cars made before 2005 on its territory. The restriction specifically concerns importing cars there. It should be stressed that Georgia was one of the key importers of cars to Azerbaijan.

Sharashenidze said that restrictions were supposed to be launched from April 1.

“Azerbaijan postponed the restrictions until August 1. However, since the Georgian people were not informed about it, the Azerbaijan government accepted our request and the restrictions were postponed for two weeks,” Sharashenidze stated.

The ambassador explained that Georgians will require documentation when entering Azerbaijan with a car that does not meet the Euro 4 standard.

“Georgians will have to leave guaranteed money at the border, meaning that the car will be returned, or the citizen should have a guarantee letter from an Azerbaijani citizen,” Sharashenidze stated.

“This is Azerbaijan's internal legislation and we must respect it,” Sharashenidze stated.

On the other hand, the restrictions will affect the re-export of old cars from Georgia to Azerbaijan as well.

Chairman of the Association of Oil Importers Vano Mtvralashvili said that Euro Standards are the best way for keeping the environment clean.

“Besides, I do not think that this fact will be reflected in prices. However, the car importers may face some problems anyway, mainly those who were exporting cars to Azerbaijan, because new cars require more money,” Mtvralishvili said.

Expert on transportation issues Davit Meskhishvili added that people may face problems regarding buying cars, as they might be more expensive than before.

In the first few months of 2014, automobile re-export from Georgia to various countries has fallen. The money received through the market is much lower compared to previous years. Georgian dealers involved in the business are having a hard time. Currently, they are mainly focused on the local market as neighboring countries have different options now. Besides that, Azerbaijan banned the import of old cars, Armenia, is entering the Custom’s Union and there are certain restrictions in this regard in terms on non-Custom Union member states (there would be mainly allowed Russian-made cars).