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Georgia’s foreign investments grew 3.3 percent in 2013

Tuesday, August 19
Foreign direct investments (FDI) saw positive movement in 2013 in Georgia, bringing more confidence from foreign investors back into the marketplace.

Significant increases in investments in the country’s energy, finance, transports and communications and manufacturing sectors last year contributed to boosting Georgia’s FDI.

FDI grew 3.3 percent year-on-year (y/y), equaling $942 million USD, said state statistics office Geostat.

The share of re-investments was $268 million (29 percent) of total inflow, the latest data revealed.

Figures showed the energy sector, financial sector and transport and communications sectors earned the highest FDI, which composed nearly 85 percent of 2013 FDI adjusted figures – with $245 million, $166 million and $140 million respectively.

The country’s manufacturing sector attracted $100 million, followed by construction with $50 million, mining with $44 million, real estate saw $43 million and agriculture earned $12 million.

The Netherlands was the leading investor country and spent $153 million last year, which was 16 percent of Georgia’s total FDI. This was followed by Luxemburg with $143 million (15 percent) then China with $90 million (10 percent).

Azerbaijan invested $82 million in Georgia, the United Arab Emirates disbursed $62 million, the United Kingdom spent $55 million, other international organisations invested $55 million, the United States spent $45 million, the Czech Republic spent $44 million and Malta invested $43 million.