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24 year-old inmate found dead

By Tea Mariamidze
Tuesday, August 19
A 24 year-old convict, Jido Pitskheliani, was found dead at the N6 Rustavi prison. The investigation on the death is in progress under article N115, on what drove the convict to suicide. However, the family of the deceased individual does not agree the death was because of suicide and is calling for an unbiased investigation.

Family members stated that Pitskheliani was sentenced to six years for armed robbery. However, only 10 months were remaining until he finished his term. They stressed that Jido was speaking about his future plans after prison. Later, the dead convict’s father stated that his son might have committed suicide. He made such a conclusion after speaking with his son’s cellmates.

Parliamentary minority members are unanimous that this and the similar facts are linked with empowering criminal bosses in prisons under the new government. They are appealing to the government to pay appropriate attention to the issue before the situation becomes uncontrollable.

The politicians from the ruling party say an investigation is in progress and all questions will be answered after law enforcement finishes the process. Member of the coalition Eliso Chapidze states that such facts are very painful and that law enforcement must focus on the adequate study of reasons for such crimes.

“The version that was voiced by the deceased boy’s parents should be taken into account,” Chapidze said.

NGOs say this is not the first case of a prisoner`s death and the government should apply necessary measures to provide the security of inmates in Georgia`s prisons.

A representative from the Public Defender’s Office Nika Kvaratskhelia stated that all aspects of the case should be studied timely.

“There are various question marks among people over such cases. The question marks must be responded through thorough investigation of this and other similar cases,” Kvaratskhelia said.