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Zestafoni Ferro Alloy Plant presents technological innovation

By Tatia Megeneishvili
Tuesday, September 22
Georgian-American Alloys celebrated one of its most important technological innovations of on September 18.

Last year the holding signed an agreement with a German company Allmineral

Aufbereitungstechnik GmbH & Co. on the provision of a high-tech line of slag hydro separator for Zestafoni Ferro Alloy Plant.

General Director at Georgian-American Alloyes, Velvel (Volodymyr) Lozynskyy said that this new technology will lead Georgia to new level of development.

According to Lozynskyy this is a 10 million GEL investment, whose major part belongs to Allmineral Aufbereitungstechnik GmbH & Co.

Lozynskyy said that this is the largest investment package to date associated with Georgia-German economic cooperation.

The product processing technology, based on German scientific innovations, provides the company with an important advantage in the fields of effective slag processing, which results in an increase of product performance and quality. This will also be reflected in the Georgian economy due to the fact that Georgian-American Alloys holds 11% of the country’s total exports.

Slag processing through a hydro separator will also affect the ecological environment and increase the effectiveness of resource usage. Because the final raw materials provided through slag processing is used for the production of construction materials, the development of this field will also be enhanced in the future.

The introduction of such technology significantly develops metallurgy and heavy industries in Georgia, because it acts as a motivator for other enterprises to develop high-tech processing equipment and to increase the standards of their performance as well.

“Our management tries to improve many issues in labor culture, even though many things have changed due to inheritance; the working environment is being developed gradually. We are changing the attitude of the work security system; implementing modern forms of producing and recycling ore. We focus particular attention on the quality of the workers' satisfaction, which is reflected on improved nourishment portions, as well as on increasing the level of hygiene and environment and personal security,” stated Lozynskyy.

United States Deputy Ambassador Nicholas Berliner said that the new technology will make Georgian-American economic ties even tighter.

“This is not the first investment from the American side in Georgia, our partnership counts almost a century already. The American ambassador to the USSR made the first investment in Chiatura in 1920. Launching this project will build an industrial bridge between our countries, and it will also create jobs in Georgia, as well as in America,” stated Berliner.

Deputy Minister of economy Ketevan Bochorishvili said that planting this technological culture will reflect on the country in a good way.

“I am sure this also will give stimulus to other companies in the future, I hope everyone can understand how important it is to boost the economy and at the same time care about the environment,” Bochorishvili stated.