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Wrestlers throw eggs at their chief

By Tea Mariamidze
Tuesday, September 22
Sportsmen have thrown eggs at President of the Georgian Wrestling Federation, Luka Kurtanidze, demanding his resignation.

The incident took place outside the Ministry of Sports and Youth Affairs on September 22. Kurtanidze was trying to get in the building.

Police officers were mobilized.

The sportsmen claim that Kurtanidze must leave, as his presence in the federation is a serious drag for the athletes. They state that Kurtanidze is not professional and fails to deal with the federation issues.

“He must leave the federation, otherwise something very negative might take place,” World Champion Ramaz Nozadze said.

Wrestler Davit Modzmanashvili said that wrestlers have already addressed the presidium and spoke about all pretensions they have against the current chairperson.

“The presidium should solve the issue. If Kurtanidze does not quit the position, he will get more eggs when he appears,” Modzmanashvili said.

Kurtanidze is not going to resign. He admits that the Georgian wrestling team has done nothing tangible during the last two years. He stresses that changes are required within the federation.

“The fact is that the team has a zero outcome. We should do our best together to change the current situation and achieve success in 2015-2016. Thus, changes are required. The federation will present new coaches in the near future,” Kurtanidze said.

The World and Olympic Champion in wrestling Levan Tediashvili appealed to Kurtanidze to resign.

Tediasvili states that none of the sportsmen wishes to see Kurtanidze in the federation.

“Urgent elections should be held,” Tediashvili said.

The presidium has stated that they will study the case over a month and only after make a decision over the firing of Kurtanidze or not.