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Underground gas storage facility to be built in eastern Georgia

Monday, October 6
The Georgian Oil and Gas Corporation has chosen a land plot for the construction of an underground gas storage facility. An oil field of the Samgori southern arch (eastern Georgia) is situated there.

As a result of the negotiations with one of the oil production companies in the country, the corporation was entitled to build an underground gas storage facility in the specified field, the corporation said.

The results of the analysis showed that this land plot is the optimal area for the construction of an underground gas storage facility.

According to the project, the capacity of the new underground storage facility will be 230-250 million cubic meters of natural gas or 15 percent of annual gas consumption in Georgia, a statement says.

The new gas storage facility will greatly increase the energy security of the country and provide the population with gas in case of disruption in its supply.

The construction of the underground gas storage facility will begin after drawing up the feasibility study of the project and obtaining the necessary funds.