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Ivanishvili’s TV debut approaching

By Gvantsa Gabekhadze
Wednesday, October 8
Mokakale (citizen), an NGO launched by the founder of the Georgian Dream Bidzina Ivanishvili, held a presentation of its two projects on October 6. Ivanishvili, who attended the presentation, refrained from making any political statement. However, he confirmed that he will launch his weekly TV program before the New Year at the latest. The former PM also stated that the organization kept its promise in terms of holding training courses for analysts. Mokalake intended to also conduct courses for journalists. However, Ivanishvili stated that interest in the courses was minimal from journalists.

According to presenter Maia Miminoshvili, registration was launched on October 6 for people who want to participate in the Mokalake projects. One of the projects Olympiad of Civil Society aims to establish civil values for schoolchildren. Students from 9-12 grade can participate in the Olympiad. It will be held in the Georgian, Russian, Armenian and Azerbaijani languages. Registration will last until October 31. School Administrations will carry out the registration. The winners will be sent to western European countries to undergo language courses there.

The second project is called Students for Self-governance, and aims at the involvement of young people in the development of civil society, the strengthening of local democracy, and the popularization of self-governance. Groups of students are allowed to take part in the contest. 1 million GEL will be allocated for the projects. If they are a success, the projects will continue.

Commenting on the projects, Ivanishvili stated that Georgians should develop their civil responsibilities from their early years.

Concerning his TV debut, Ivanishvili said: “I can’t tell you much because we have not worked out the details yet. I am working very actively on that. I will appear and will be active with this project at least once a week before the New Year at the latest and perhaps in a month at the earliest,” Ivanishvili said.

Ivanishvili might appear on the Tbilisi-based GDS TV, which is run by Ivanishvili’s son Bera.

Head of the Journalist Ethic Charter Tamar Rukhadze believes that the talk show would be an opportunity for viewers to detect how Ivanishvili takes journalism.

“Such precedents exist worldwide, when former officials create their talk shows. However, if it really happens, it would be the first such case in Georgia,” Rukhadze said.