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Eristavi released on bail

By Tatia Megeneishvili
Wednesday, October 8
The Tbilisi City Court made the decision to release Tengiz Eristavi on bail in the amount of 10, 000 GEL on October 6.

Eristavi was accused in the possession and purchase of drugs. He was detained by police on September 17. According to the police, he was in possession of 7 Subutex pills. However, Eristavi stated that the drugs were planted in his pocket.

ďI am very grateful of people who trusted me and were standing by my side. I swear I am not guilty and will do my best to prove my innocence. Pre-trial detention would have been unfair,Ē stated Eristavi, who has a criminal record.

Family members of Eristavi welcomed the decision. According to them, they did not expect that Eristavi would be released on bail.

Final discussions over Eristaviís case will be made on October 29. His lawyer Levan Vepkhvadze hopes that the court will finally offer a verdict in favor of Eristavi and he will be found innocent.

Following these developments, the Prosecutors office states that an investigation has been launched in terms of a police officer who participated in the manís detention. An investigation is underway under Article 333 of the Criminal Code of Georgia, which deals with the abuse of power by officials.

Tbilisi City Court also released a statement that reads that a mediation of the defense side was strengthened with evidence.

ďAll of the individuals who were involved in the case have already been interrogated. Thus, there was no threat that Eristavi might influence witnesses,Ē the statement reads.

Majority MP Gedevan Popkhadze stated that there were various question over the issue and the Prosecutorís Office should remove them. Fellow MP Eka Beselia, who chairs Parliamentís Human Rights Committee, welcomed the courtís decision.