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51st Battalion Accomplished Final Training in Afghanistan

Thursday, October 30
The 51st Battalion of the 5th Infantry Brigade stationed at Bagram Airbase has accomplished final trainings. Transfer of authority by the Georgian Battalion in the operational area is on its final stage. Georgian soldiers studied area of responsibility and are fully prepared to participate in the peacekeeping mission.

The 51st Battalion is the first Georgian unit which will perform international mission on the final phase of the ISAF mission. The main task of the battalion is to protect the base with the support of the coalition forces and conduct patrolling in the area of responsibility to provide security of the local population.

Before deployment in NATO- led ISAF operation, the Georgian unit underwent 6 month-long intensive training at National Training Centre “Krtsanisi”. The 51st Battalion was also trained in the US Joint Multinational Readiness Centre (JMRC) in the German city of Hohenfels. The Centre’s experts and Marine Forces Advisory Group members positively assessed the preparedness level of the Georgian soldiers.