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Defence Minister Nominates Deputies

Thursday, December 4
Defence Minister of Georgia Mindia Janelidze introduced his deputies to the top brass of the MoD and the GAF.

Gocha Ratiani was appointed as first deputy defence minister. The main direction under his guidance will be the planned reforms at the Defence Ministry aimed at enhancing civilian control over the Armed Forces of Georgia.

Since 2012 Gocha Ratiani has served on different positions in Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia. From 2008-2011 he led the Information and Analytic Center of the J-2 Intelligence Department of the GAF. He also worked in high positions in the Ministries of Security and Foreign Affairs, as well as the Foreign Intelligence Service.

Levan Girsiashvili will be in charge of coordinating the international relations and Euro-Atlantic integration at the Defence Ministry. Since 2014 he had worked as Director of External Security Issues in State Security and Crisis Management Council of Georgia. He served in the Georgian Foreign Intelligence Service as well. Levan Girsiashvili was also on high positions in difference media companies in Georgia as well as abroad.