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U.S. Government launches five-year project

By Tatia Megeneishvili
Friday, December 19
The U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) officially launched a new five-year project entitled Governing for Growth (G4G) in Georgia to support Georgia’s economic reform.

The G4G launching event was attended by representatives of the Georgian government, non-governmental organizations, business and international communities.

According to Communications Advisor at G4G Irina Iremashvili, G4G is designed to enhance governance in select business enabling areas: tax and customs administration, trade facilitation, land registration, electricity trade policy, and water resource management.

The project will work to build a culture of collaborative consultation, where policies and laws have the benefit of constructive public input.

“We believe that a quality, inclusive dialogue and especially well-informed evidence-based policy making will lead to laws that work more effectively, with better compliance,” stated G4G Chief of Party, Milo Stevanovich.

Before launching the new project other USAID projects have left off: EPI (Economic Prosperity Initiative), HIPP (Hydropower Investment Promotion Project), and HPEP (Hydro Power and Energy Planning).

According to Iremashvili, those projects made solid gains by increasing Georgia’s competitiveness in key sectors, such as energy, agriculture, trading, and manufacturing, as well as improving Georgia’s business enabling environment.

“Upon the gains from these initiatives, G4G plans to intensify support for Georgian-led reform efforts,” she stated.