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Independent deputy criticizes Tbilisi 2015 budget

By Tea Mariamidze
Friday, December 19
Independent Deputy of the Tbilisi Mayor’s Office Aleko Elisashvili states that he will not support the capital’s 2015 budget, as it is fitted to the welfare of government officials rather than Tbilisi residents.

He stresses that 90 million out of the 800 million GEL budget will be spent on the Mayor’s Office and Sakrebulo’s officials.

“Very little has been allocated for the rehabilitation of damaged houses or streets, I will not support this abomination,” Elisashvili said.

The budget draft was strongly criticized by the opposition United National Movement as well.

Opponent’s criticism of the 2015 draft budget presented by the City Council was not a surprise for Tbilisi Mayor Davit Narmania.

He said that he would be more surprised if the draft was approved by the opposition.

"The budget is really good, and much more transparent than before,” he says.

The Mayor’s Office states that the 2015 Tbilisi budget was composed after asking 8,000 residents of Tbilisi several questions.

The main priorities of the budget include healthcare and social protection, planting of greenery, construction and the rehabilitation of kindergartens and the renovation of municipal infrastructure.

168 million GEL will be spent on social projects (34, 450, 000 GEL on healthcare issues).

20 million GEL will be allocated for planting greenery in Tbilisi.

238 million GEL will be spent on renovation and infrastructure projects, while 18.5 million GEL will be allocated for the restoration of damaged buildings.