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Georgia increases construction material imports from Azerbaijan

Monday, January 26
Georgia increased the import volume of Azerbaijanís construction materials by 22.7 percent during a year, the Georgian National Statistics Serviceís report as of 2014 says.

Around 157,800 metric tons of construction gypsum and other anhydrite totaling $26.8 million were imported from Azerbaijan to Georgia during this period or by 15.5 percent more than in the same period of 2013. For comparison, around 128,600 metric tons of building materials in the amount of $23.2 million were imported to Georgia in January-December 2013.

Around 92,500 metric tons of iron rods in the amount of $57.3 million were exported from Georgia to Azerbaijan during this period. Around 64,500 metric tons of iron rods in the amount of $40.5 million were exported to Azerbaijan in the same period of 2013.

The share of construction materials in Azerbaijanís total export volume to Georgia for the period amounted to 4.2 percent.

Georgia imported goods worth $637.59 million from Azerbaijan in 2014.

According to the report, Georgiaís volume of imports from Azerbaijan decreased by 2.4 percent during a year. For comparison, Georgia imported Azerbaijani goods worth $652.9 million in January-December 2013.

Azerbaijan ranks third in the list of the countries from which Georgia imports products. The share of Azerbaijan's exports in a total volume of goods imported into Georgia is 7.4 percent.

Georgian imports most of goods from Turkey. The volume of Georgiaís imports from Turkey totaled $1.7 billion or 20.1 percent of a total import volume. China ranks second with $732.96 million (8.5 percent).