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A special law to regulate labour migration

By Tatia Megeneishvili
Monday, January 26
A new draft law prepared by Georgia’s Ministry of Labour, Health and Social Affairs in order to reduce illegal labor migration and trafficking has been presented to Parliament.

According to the draft, investors will have the right to bring employees to Georgia only in the case if they are not able to find qualified personnel on the local market.

The law will regulate the employment of Georgian citizens, foreigners who have permanent residence in Georgia or of those who do not have citizenship. The law will also regulate the employment and paid work-based activities of foreigners who do not have a permanent residence permit in Georgia.

Head of Labour and Employment Policy Department of Ministry of Labour, Health and Social Affairs Elza Jgerenaia said that their organization will offer staff to investor companies.

”Of course they have choice and they can refuse if the offered candidate does not meet their requirement. The investor can explain the reason and then is free to hire whoever they want,” stated Jgerenaia.

The Head of Parliament'sHealthcare and Social Issues Committee Dimitri Khundadze said that members of government support the draft.

”Superiority will be given to local residents, which means that with the adoption of this draft law we will decrease the number of unemployed people,” stated Khundadze.

Member of the United National Movement (UNM) said that the new draft law is a direct strike to local market development.

”UNM does not support this draft. Adoption of the law will worsen the investment environment, which will be reflected in economic growth and later it will be reflected on the whole of Georgia,” stated UNM .