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Smart traffic lights reduce gridlock in Tbilisi

Wednesday, January 28
Waiting for long periods of time at intersections will soon be a thing of the past in Georgia’s capital city thanks to the introduction of new smart traffic lights.

The new traffic lights aim to reduce the time cars spend waiting at intersections and reduce gridlock and traffic jams in Tbilisi.

The local government announced it planned to install dozens of smart traffic lights across the city.

The Transport Municipal Service of Tbilisi City Hall presented smart traffic lights to Georgia’s Emergency Service 112 today.

Head of the Transport Municipal Service said that 75 smart traffic lights will be installed in Tbilisi before the end of this year.

Smart traffic lights are different from the traditional traffic light system. They are more advanced signaling devices and will be positioned at pedestrian crossings, road intersections and other places to control the flow of traffic, officials said. (