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Project “Georgia IV”

Thursday, February 19
NATO/PfP Trust Fund Project “Georgia IV” has launched. NATO Trust Fund Project Manager David Towndrow arrived in the village of Skra, Gori region and observed the ongoing works in the framework of the project. All necessary equipment for implementation of the project has already been mobilized on the site and specially trained EOD Company personnel are ready to start demining works.

The Project “Georgia IV” envisages clearing the military ammunition depot in the village of Skra that was damaged after the 2008 August Russia-Georgian war. In the frames of the project, military ammunition will be removed from the collapsed underground bunkers and made safe that will reduce the risk of an explosion of the damaged munitions which would threaten the international rail line and nearest village. Implementation of the project will make the area safe for the local population and usable for the local authorities.

Georgia has been actively cooperating with the NATO Support Agency (NSPA) since 2002. Through this cooperation three NATO Partnership for Peace Trust Fund projects - Georgia I, Georgia II and Georgia III have been successfully implemented.