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Thursday, February 19
Giorgi Gegechkori may be appointed as Kiev Police Chief

Former Head of the Patrol Police Department of Tbilisi, Giorgi Gegechkori may be appointed as Kiev Police Chief, head of “Youth Center”, Zura Kadagidze has said.

“It's too early to talk about this issue. Let's see what happens”, Giorgi Gegechkori told Frontnews on Wednesday. (Frontnews)

Saakashvili speaks on Late PM Zhvania’s case

According to former Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili, the decision to classify materials concerning Zurab Zhvania’s case belonged to him personally.

He said on Rustavi 2TV that he thought it would have been disrespectful for the state to reveal unnecessary details.

"Zura died of CO poisoning and it was common at that time. Back then, 200-300 people used to die from that annually.

But it did not have anything to do with his personal life. I was never interested in Zura's personal life, especially considering there were attacks on my personal life too,”- he said.

In addition, the former President deemed the allegations of the U.S. Federal Bureau of investigation taking the Georgian government’s opinion into account while writing a report to be absurd.

"The FBI was not invited by us – when Bush was visiting Georgia, he told me the case looked like a new Yushchenko – the Russians’ handiwork. That’s why I decided to immediately bring a group of experts to Georgia. They arrived here and wrote a report. Do you really think FBI agents would’ve written what I wanted them to?

As to why the report was not published, I did a lot of arguing about it. I thought that it would have been disrespectful for the Georgian state to disclose excessive details unnecessarily,”- he said. (IPN)

President: Saakashvili’s new status may cause awkward situations

According to the Georgian President Giorgi Margvelashvili, the issue of the Georgian leaders’ possible visit to Ukraine on February 20-21 is being discussed very seriously.

"We are discussing the issue of the visit to Ukraine very seriously, because our close and friendly country permanently needs Georgia’s support. As for the appointment of the former Georgian president Mikheil Saakashvili in Ukraine, the Georgian court’s verdict is what matters most to me, but I also respect Ukraine’s sovereignty and I am not going to comment on Ukraine’s internal politics. However, I also would like to state that it may cause certain awkward situation,"- Giorgi Margvelashvili said. (PIA)

Zurab Abashidze to discuss Georgian-Russian relations in Brussels

Zurab Abashidze, the Georgian Prime Minister's special representative for relations with Russia, will discuss Georgian-Russian relations with European partners in Brussels before the scheduled meeting within the Abashidze-Karasin format.

“Before arriving in Prague, I'll visit Brussels where I will meet our European partners to discuss Russian-Georgian relations again,”- Zurab Abashidze said at a press conference yesterday.

The next meeting between Zurab Abashidze and Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Grigory Karasin will be held in Prague at the end of February. (Ipn)

"Hysterical and disgraceful program," - Mikheil Gigiadze in response to actors of "Tangerines"

"Hysterical claims and disgraceful program," is the assessment of Culture Minister Mikheil Gigiadze on the criticism expressed a few days ago in Rustavi 2 by actors in the Oscar Nominated film "Tangerines". Gigiadze claims that these issues are the subject of internal management and the producer`s responsibility.

The minister explained that he and the film`s director, Zaza Urushadze, agreed to discuss the topic after the creative team returned from the US.

The Creative team accused the Ministry of Culture on the talk show "The Other Midday" of neglecting the nomination of a Georgian film for the Oscar Awards. The actors said that they were traveling to Los Angeles at their own expense. (Rustavi2)

Gubaz Sanikidze is ready to take up the position of vice-speaker

The ruling coalition is discussing the dismissal of Zurab Abashidze from "Free Democrats" from the position of Vice-chairman. The information was spread in the Parliament.

Gubaz Sanikidze from the ruling majority was named as a successor of Zurab Abashidze.

Sanikidze has already talked to the journalists and said that he was ready to take up the offer of the post of vice-chairman. MP told the journalists that the consultations on this issue have not yet been held. (Rustavi2)