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Tbilisi Mayor audits several agencies

By Tatia Megeneishvili
Thursday, February 19
Mayor of Tbilisi Davit Narmania has demanded an audit in three departments of the Mayor’s Office in response to the scandalous arrest of the Mayor’s Office official for bribery.

The inner audit service will check the Property Management Agency, the Supervision Agency and the Architecture Agency.

Narmania recognized that decision was partially linked to Jokia Bodokia’s case, who was arrested for taking a bribe in exchange for a construction permit.

Narmania said that the Bodokia’s case was a black spot on the Mayor’s Office’s reputation.

“Of course, it affects our reputation, but the only way out from the situation is to be cautious and prevent any illegalities,” Narmania said.

Narmania was also critical of Tbilisi’s emergency service. He stressed that salaries and conditions for the emergency service staff has improved.

“Despite the improvements, the emergency cars are still late,” Narmania said.

Head of the Tbilisi Emergency System Temur Barkalaia said that some changes are being planned within the system.