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Cadets Memorial Day marked in Tbilisi

By Messenger Staff
Tuesday, February 24
The Georgian officials took part in the event regarding the day of Russian Occupation of independent, democratic Georgia in 1921, on February 23.

“Today our country is still facing great challenges, but I believe that with a peaceful and pragmatic policy, we will return our land and restore the integrity of Georgia,” - the Prime Minister stated at the event, dedicated to the memory of the Cadets killed near Kojori-Tabakhmela in 1921.

According to Irakli Garibashvili, the Cadets' bravery is an example of devotion to the homeland.

"I bow my head before the memory of Cadets, who have sacrificed their lives in the fight for liberation of Georgia and have fallen heroically. They have given us an example of love and sacrifice for the homeland and have made a contribution to strengthen the independence of Georgia,"- said the Prime Minister.

The President shared the vision that the people’s bravery gave a start to Georgia’s fight for independence.

The Cadets' Memorial Day was celebrated in Tbilisi, at the Parliament courtyard. During the event, the funeral to commemorate the Cadets, fallen in 1921 was served at the Annunciation Chapel of the Palace. Along with the Prime Minister, the President of Georgia, the Parliament Deputies, the Government Members and the descendants of the Cadets attended the event, dedicated to the memory of Cadets.