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Minister: No cut in health or social programs

By Tatia Megeneishvili
Tuesday, February 24
Minister of Health, Labour and Social Affairs of Georgia Davit Sergeenko states that no tangible increase in prices of medicine will take place.

The minister stated that his ministry has just concluded a survey regarding this issue and everything is under control.

“If we detect any serious threat concerning the prices of medicine, we will take all measures to suspend it. At the moment, prices have increased by 8-10% on over 100 different medicines,” stated Sergeenko.

The minister emphasized that the government’s ‘tightened belts’ policy concerning administrative expenses will not apply to healthcare and social programs.

Sergeenko also touched upon the introduction of the labor inspection body. According to him such an institution will not hinder business interests.

“This topic is still under discussion. The interests of all actors – the government, employers, employees and trade unions must be taken into account.

“Presumably the process of creating such an institution will be lengthy, as we lack specialists in the field. Several months are required for the re-training of staff.

The minister states that the inspection will protect the interests of employees, save them from trafficking, unhealthy attitudes and other violations.

“The inspection will not create any threat to businesses. I believe that all the sides will be happy with the outcome,” stated Sergeenko.

Sergeenko informed that they have used the recommendations of the International Labor Organization in order to create an optimal model for Georgia’s labor market. The minister stated that aside from the training of staff, several legal amendments are also necessary.