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Free Democrats demand dismissal of Adjara government

By Tea Mariamidze
Wednesday, March 11
The opposition Free Democrats (FD) have declared their distrust to the Adjara Autonomous Republic Government and have demanded its dismissal. The FD believe that the government of Archil Khabadze is not active enough, and has not yet put forth a regional development plan as of yet.

They have already initiated the procedures for the government’s dismissal. They stress that the regional government has already reached its limits ability-wise, and has resolved neither the problems of eco-migrants nor socially vulnerable individuals.

They emphasize that the regional government was unable to even coordinate with the central government over the regional-related problems.

Member of the FD Sulkhan Glonti stated that the Free Democrats have started public consultations with MPs in order to collect at least seven votes for registering the issue on the Supreme Council.

Member of the Adjara Supreme Council majority Akaki Dzneladze asserts that the problems cited by the Free Democrats are resolvable and the resignation of the government is not necessary.

Former majority member Jemal Putkaradze has not made a decision yet. He believes that the initiation of the Free Democrats is belated, and stressed that the Adjara government is dysfunctional and must step down.

Putkaradze revealed a suspicion that this procedures might lead to the reinforcement of the government rather than its dismissal.

Former member of the majority Medea Vasadze claims that she would consult with the Free Democrats and probably will support their initiation.

The Georgian Dream has already lost its majority in the 21-seat Adjara Supreme Council. After inter-party confrontation in GD, the opposition United National Movement has 8 MPs, the Georgian Dream 9 MPs , the Free Democrats 2 MPs and two independent MPs.