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President and Prime Minister congratulate Azeri people on Novruz

By Tea Mariamidze
Monday, March 23
The Prime Minister and President appeared together to congratulate Georgia’s Azeri ethnicity population on Novruz in Marneuli region on March 21.

The region is populated by many ethnic Azeris.

The state leaders participated in various cultural events dedicated to the holiday, which lasts for several days and symbolizes the coming of spring and rejuvenation.

The president underlined the importance of the region and promised the well-being for each Azerbaijani family in Georgia.

“You are all very hard-working and talented people, we appreciate this and we are trying to encourage you as much as we can,” the president told the locals.

The PM spoke about the historic friendship between the two nations and hoped the special relationship would last forever.

He praised Georgian Azerbaijanis for their hardworking nature, as they have provided the whole country with agricultural products.

“This region is special for us, and we will always be by your side. Your hard work will be appreciated, and we all have come here to give you hope for a better future,” he stressed.

Garibashvili expressed his wish to give the local youth better conditions for education and development and recommended that they get involved in state language teaching programs, as it is crucial for obtaining a higher education and participating in the country’s advancement process.

Azerbaijanis are one of the largest ethnic minority groups in Georgia. According to the latest statistics, there are about 284,000 ethnic Azerbaijani people living in the country.

Traditionally, in Marneuli and other locations where people of both cultures live, Georgians and Azerbaijanis celebrate the Novruz holiday together