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Businessmen accuse prosecutorís office in negligence over seized properties

By Tea Mariamidze
Wednesday, April 1
The businessmen who accuse the former government of illegal seizure of their property are blaming the current government and the Prosecutorís Office of negligence.

After the murder of businessman Besik Khardziani they speak about their frustration and vulnerability.

Many of them consider the restoration of justice unrealistic and call upon the Prosecutorís Office to get more involved.

Businessman Tengiz Macharashvili stressed that expectations about the return of his property have been replaced by the fear of personal retribution.

ďKhardziani is dead, and any of us can be the next. Former PM Bidzina Ivanishvili had his lost property returned very easily, but why are there so many difficulties in the investigation of other businessmenís cases?Ē Macharashvili told Maestro TV.

Businessman Davit Begiashvili said that the Prosecutorís Office cheated him, and instead of returning him his property, they gave it to him on lease.

Owner of Senta Petrolium Zaal Iakobidze also states that he has been waiting for the return of his lost property. But his efforts have been in vain.

He said that if the government delays the return of property, and the prosecution of those who broke the law under the previous government, the business sector will be forced to settle the problem itself.

The founder of Magnati 2006 Jemal Leonidze, speaks about the same danger. The former political prisoner is still waiting for the return of his property, which has a value of $70 million.

According to him, the details of the case are vague and the Prosecutor's Office has not provided any concrete answers.

It should be noted that a special department has been created in the Prosecutorís Office that will investigate the property-related crimes under the previous government. The authorities claim that the body is working actively and the government is also ready to compensate losses through various means.

When it concerns the punishment of former officials, the government stresses that all are equal before the law. However, the international community and the opposition United National Movement advise the government to look forward, not to the past.