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Georgia and Belarus to create joint venture

By Tatia Megeneishvili
Thursday, April 23
The Ministry of Agriculture of Georgia and the same body of Belarus intend to create several joint ventures. The memorandum on cooperation will be signed on April 23 within the frame work of Belarus President’s Alexander Lukashenko’s visit.

According to the Georgia’s Minister of Agriculture, Otar Danelia, the joint venture producing agricultural machinery equipment and joint enterprises will be opened on the territory of both countries.

The Minister of Agriculture and Food of Belarus, Leonid Zayats, and the Minister of Industry of Belarus, Vitaly Vovk, confirmed their readiness for launching the project.

Danelia emphasized the level of agricultural development in Belarus and said that it was achieved through a thoughtful and patriotic policy.

“This memorandum is a result of mutual interests and a chance for us to learn from an experienced partner,” stated Danelia.

Zayats said that with the agreement, Georgia steps into new era, which is very important for the development of the agricultural sector.

“Georgians are unique people, hospitable and hard-working; it is a pleasure to work with such people,” stated Zayats.

According to Danelia, the ministers plan to discuss the creation of joint wine factories on April 23 as a first step towards the creation of joint ventures.

The meeting of the two countries’ ministries was held on a business forum, which was organized by the Georgian and Belarusian Chambers of Commerce.

The Belarusian delegation includes 44 representatives of 38 companies, and during the forum more than 180 meetings are planned between Georgian and Belarusian companies. The delegation will stay in Georgia till April 23.